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Junk Removal Sydney

Residential Rubbish Removal Sydney

Is it time to get rid of that unsightly rubbish and junk you are just fed up of thinking about?

We can usually offer a same-day rubbish removal Sydney service.

No skips that other people can dump their junk in. Your junk is loaded into our trucks by hand on the day, and is then disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 

Among other things, we remove vegetation, household waste, eWaste, paint, batteries, tyres and more. We get rid of the large items that council cleanup services will not take – fridges, furniture, TVs, Computer Screens…..

Our household junk removal service team will clear any rooms as well as garages and yards.

Junk Removal is not all that we specialise in. We have the expertise and management experience to remove the rubbish from deceased estates and hoarding homes in a supportive and discreet way.

Our services cover much of the Sydney region, including the CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney, the North Shore, the Northern Beaches.

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All rubbish is sorted into disposal categories. Waste, recyclables, reusables and retrievable. We may uncover valuable items that have been misplaced or forgotten about.

Once everything is sorted it will be disposed of at the nearest waste resource center and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner to minimise landfill and maximise recycling.

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We remove all junk that can be removed safely

We take almost of everything. Furniture, mattresses, general rubbish, white goods and more. Anything of value that could be sold or donated to charity we put aside for your consideration. We can pack items for you, organise storage or take items to charity outlets. The only thing we do not handle is asbestos and other hazardous products. We can organise for these dangerous materials to be removed safely

Rubbish Removal Sydney

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 Junk Removal Sydney

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Why and when to use a junk removal Sydney firm?

1. Amount of Junk

If you have a lot of junk to get rid of that is too much for your local council kerbside rubbish collection service or bulky items collection you are going to need a another way to dispose of the rubbish. Even a bulky items collection service will only take  3 cubic meters of junk that’s about 12 wheelie bins or one of the smallest skips.


2. Type of Junk

There are types of junk that you can not leave for council to collect. They will not take items larger than 1.8m, eWaste, tyres, paint, glass, heavy items, garden waste.


3. Too heavy and too much to move yourself

You may have a long steep driveway and the thought of getting all your junk to the kerbside is just not a reality. You may not be physically capable of handling the amount or weight of your junk. Hiring a skip is not going to help you here as you have to fill the skip yourself.

Don’t try and do the impossible and risk injury call  a junk removal specialist.


4. Skips are relatively expensive and inconvenient

As illustrated above skips are not always the most suitable solution. You have to fill them yourself. Also they can cause neighbour issues if they are there for a while. They restrict parking, are an eyesore and encourage dumping. You may end up with a full skip and its not all your waste. They are also not as cheap as you think – they have a daily rate and then a disposal charge for the type of waste.

Why use Hoarder Cleanup for Junk Removal Sydney?

 1. Family run business for over 18 years means low cost solutions.

As an Australian owned family run rubbish disposal company we like to think that we are reliable and trustworthy. Our loyal customers certainly think so as we are delighted to work with them again and again. Over the years we have worked at pretty mush every type of property and seen pretty much every type of junk possible.

As a professional rubbish removal business we know how to handle junk quickly and how to get rid of it economically so we can keep our prices as low as possible for cheap rubbish removal.

2. We search your junk for hidden treasure!

18 years of junk waste removal and working with junk means you get a uncanny sense for where valuables may be hiding! As we hand load the items to our trucks and sort them into the categories of disposable we get the chance to check for items of value. These can be financially valuable, emotionally valuable or of unique interest. Check our FaceBook page for typical examples of what we find.


3. Accurate Quotes

The virtue of a family run business is that the people that quote do the work. Our quotes for Sydney junk removal are accurate as a result. This means there’s not going to be a massive shock at your final invoice.


4. We don’t use skips – We do everything

We hand load everything onto our trucks. That means everything is loaded on the day by our team and you don’t have to lift a finger. it also means that we sort and search as we load which means we can effectively, economically and responsibly dispose of the waste.


5. We maximise recycling – our environmental responsibility.

Because we hand load everything it means we can sort the items for effective recycling. The amount of Sydney rubbish that goes to landfill in Australia is way too high. With proper sorting of the junk we can minimise the amount that gets sent to landfill and maximise the amount recycled. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously.


6. We do not buy items from our clients.

Years ago we made a corporate decision not to buy items of value off clients. Why? Integrity. The junk business has become a very competitive one and its sad to say that the space now has rubbish removal companies that are not completely honest. Its not just the junk industry, there are less than honest businesses in every sector. However one of the ways people are exploited in the junk industry is the buying of items from clients. As a result we decided we would not buy items or offset item value against fees. We think it better you get items valued independently and so get the true market value for the items you want to sell.

Remember cheap junk removal is not everything. Make sure that you are not dealing with people that are only really interested in buying valuables from you. 


Junk Removal Sydney

For the most reliable and honest rubbish removal service

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