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When a room, a bedroom, a corridor, a garage, or in severe cases the entire property is just full of items then you need to declutter and dispose of what is no longer required. A lot of the problem can be paper or boxes of old and broken things. We go through the items and organise them into potential disposable and non-disposable items. We work with respect and make sure that valuable items are sorted so they are not lost.

We are specialists in this field and have a successful track record in helping to reorganise and declutter properties. Feel free to talk to us at anytime about a hoarding clean up and we can help you get started. Starting is the key.


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Why do people Hoard?

Hoarding is not necessarily a disorder. There are many reasons why people end up hoarding. Age, infirmity, property access, distance to waste tip, lack of correct transport all make disposing of waste a huge problem – large items in particular. If you have to walk up a long steep driveway to dispose of waste with council services then you are not going to get rid of waste or bulky items easily. If the nearest tip is 50km away not easy either. If you are elderly a real problem.

However there are instances when hoarding is more of a problem. People can experience distress trying to get rid of items and this can result in excessive accumulation of items. This can eventually overrun living space and cause multiple problems. Our policy is to treat customers with respect, patience and compassion.

We do not preach or judge we simply try and work with the customer to declutter the home as smoothly as possible. We have 18 years of experience in dealing with hoarding and are fully aware of practically every kind of situation there is but we treat every case on a individual basis. We have success in hoarding cleanup jobs other wise we wouldn’t do them.

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Risks Of Hoarding

The risks can be serious depending on the severity of the clutter accumulated.

  • Health hazard encouraging unsanitary conditions
  • Fire Hazard – overload of combustible items, blocked exits
  • Risk of falls over items and injury
  • Risk of getting trapped by falling items
  • Family conflicts
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Legal issues, such as eviction

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OUR Hoarding Cleanup SERVICE – Cleaning Help for hoarders

Our experienced staff work with respect and compassion in a totally discreet manner. Our unmarked vehicles preserve your privacy. Furthermore we do not wear any uniform with any logo or company reference and understand that your privacy is important.

We are not psychiatrists and would not pretend to have the academic qualifications to offer anything more than simple advice. Every case is different and requires a specialist to solve the underlying problems. We are there to declutter the property in the simplest and quickest way we can with a fast, efficient hoarder house cleaning service.

We use our 18 years experience to create a atmosphere that does not challenge the people involved. As we have seen pretty much every type of cluttered property, nothing shocks us. We work with compassion and care to get the best result we can. We get the best results when everyone has done a bit of work before hand in working through the need to declutter. There must be a willingness to get results.

We sort through all the items as we categorise them into disposable and types of disposable items as well as non-disposable items. We usually find items of value that can either be sold, donated to charity or are of personal special significance.

Donating items to charity can be a great way of restoring self esteem and turn the clean up project into a worthwhile and uplifting experience.

We recycle what we can of the agreed disposable items and try and limit the amount that goes to landfill. We dispose of all waste responsibly and will deliver items that you wish to donate to charity as part of our service.

Our hoarding cleanup team are here to offer free advice and a free quotation with no obligation.

If you have a deceased estate for sale that requires clearing then we have a fully experienced team in clearing, cleaning and searching for valuable items.. Just give us a call


hoarding cleanup services sydneyhoarding cleanup sydney

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It really is important to seek professional help of specialist therapists for the hoarder and family members on how to deal with a hoarding problem.  They can get to the causes of the problem and help everyone involved to get a good outcome. Together you have a chance of dealing with the issue.

We have an advise page that gives details of websites that can help with hoarding problems. However what we have found with experience is that a clean up is not necessarily the end of the matter and we have returned to many properties to repeat the process. Take a look at our Stages Of Hoarding infographic. We strongly advise that you seek professional help and support. 


How to help a hoarder

Cleaning a hoarder home is not just a simple process of trash removal. People tend to have emotional attachement issues and a reluctance to get rid of anything. It can create feelings of high anxiety. You want to have people who understand this and have experience of dealing with hoader house cleaning.

In our 18 year experience there are some do’s and dont’s that may help the situation as well as seeking professional therapist help.

The Do’s

Everything is confidential

Reassure that the whole process will be confidential. No one will know. Embarrassment is a very common feeling with hoarders and creates a need for secrecy that perpetuates the hoarding.  

Items are important

Share in the realisation that items are personal and are important. Never dismiss everything as total junk or rubbish. Try and create a sorting process. “Which of these two is more important to you?” 

Safety Emphasis

Explain that the situation is a safety issue and could result in harm or other dangers like fire. Illustrate that by clearing some of the clutter you mitigate the risks abit and begin to reclaim livable space.

Be Positive

Always discuss the positive aspects of decluttering. Make the journey a step forward and express excitment of a clutter free goal.

Charity Donations

Extend positivity to making the exercise a valuable pursuit. Suggest donating some items to charity to encourage a worthwhile result. To begin with try and get them to hand over the items and get the thanks for the donation in person. Positive responses like this are addictive and can make people feel good about themselves. 

Be patient and encouraging

Invariable this is not a quick fix. It will take time and many attempts. The more patient and encouraging you can be the better the result. Take things one step at a time and however small the initial steps congratulate them.

The Don’ts

Don’t get angry

Anger scares and demeans. However frustrated it gets dealing with a hoarder you will not get anywhere if you get angry. They will just close up and become more insecure. Try and be a positive force.

Do not preach or make fun of the situation

Hoarding is a serious issue and poking fun or preaching will only upset and increase embarrassment. Try and steer the conversation to discussing a way forward. Say we can work together to get this happening.

Do not start moving things on your own

Don’t touch anything before asking. Always engage the hoarder and get permission. Never throw anything out. Remember everything has an emotion attached to it. They probably purchased the item to simply feel better.

Don’t try and plan things and do things quickly

As a non hoarder you will want to move quickly, make a list, structure a plan of attack. Big mistake. It will overwhelm the hoarder. It will be all too much to take in. The anxiety of trying to get rid of stuff fogs the mind. Start slowly. Try and get a sorting process going. This can lead to a pile of unwanted items that has been decided on. Then you can think of disposal

Don’t try and take charge

The cluttered environment is normal to the hoarder. How would you like it if someone just moved everything in your home. You have to appeal to reason. Make them make the decisions. They will change their minds but keep trying to get them to decide.

Success is more likely if the decision making appears to be made by them. They will then value your assistance and maybe begin to enjoy the process and spending time with a loved one.


Do you buy items from us? (click to open/close)

No and for a very good reason – integrity. It’s sad but there are house clean up companies out there that are not as honest as they could be. Like in all types of business you can come across unscrupulous ones. One of the ways these companies exploit people is buying items from clients at an unfair price.

We decided years ago that we would never buy off our clients or offset fees against items. We think you should get independent advice and research the proper market value of your items.

What we do, to assist you, is identify items we know are of value. As we sort through the clutter we set aside items that we know are of financial value and also items that are probably of emotional value or of unique interest.

We have sometimes advised clients on valuers that people have found trustworthy but we will never be onsite when you negotiate or sell your items. We can also advise on where and how you can sell items but that’s all we really want to do

A word of warning here – if a cleaning team turnup and have a valuer ready to be onsite the same day or when quoting are a bit pushy re buying items from you we would recommend you think twice.

It is our principle that companies that clean out hoarder homes should not be involved in any financial practices with regard to the selling of client’s items. They should clean up, minimise hoarding clutter, offer support and stick to that. To be honest we actually think it should be regulated and illegal.


What are the hoarder cleaning costs?

It is best to get a free quote. There are too many variables to give a price. Costs are deterined by the amount of items and the type of items. Local Tip charges vary not only by amount of waste but also by what is being disposed of.

Then the other major factor is time spent at the job and getting rid of the waste. This can be affected by the type of access a property has, the distance to the nearest tip and the time spent sorting and clearing the property of the clutter.

One thing you can be assured of, as a family run company your quotes will be pretty accurate as the people that quote actually do the work. You wont have the shock of your life when you get the final bill.

Do you search through the clutter?

Yes we do. Once the client has decided what can be sorted we look through everything to make sure that there is no hidden items of real financial value. We are experienced to know what is potentially of emotional value and what is of unique interest.  We search and retrieve the items and put them to one side for the client to inspect and decide what to do with them. We will not buy these items for reason stated above and advise you get them valued independently.

We are fully licensed, fully insured and police checked

You can fully trust Hoarder Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup services fast, reliable, thorough.

We Love Happy Customers.

Thanks for a great job done. We didn’t know where to start and how to go about it. You came out, quoted and did exactly what you said with no fuss at all. This was a hard job and my parents had been hoarders for 40 years before they passed away and the entire house was full. You cleaned it out and we sold it soon after for a much higher price than originally quoted by real estate agents before the cleanup.



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