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Hoarder Cleanup specialises in Deceased Estate House Clearances across Sydney. Our experience has taught us to always be compassionate and attentive to the needs of our clients. Losing a loved one is difficult and the best we can do is to clean up the property thoroughly, quickly, and with no extra fuss. Bereavement cleanouts are emotional and can create unpredictable responses and stress levels. We respect these feelings and help when we can.

One of our customers, who recently lost her elderly husband, had us clean up everything that he’d kept for over 50 years. We found items underneath the house that were still in reasonable condition, and we consulted the client about this, but a lot of junk had to be removed as well. The woman explained that her husband grew up during the depression era, so he learned not to waste anything. Not wasting anything, for shorter periods sounds like a good idea, but add in years, and decades, and then it becomes a problem. We are here to help you address that problem.

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We Find “lost” valuables

We have done many deceased estate house clearances across Sydney over the years so you can rely on us for your needs. Whenever we find a valuable item while sorting the junk, we promptly return it to the family. We have 100% belief that honesty and reliability make a big impact on our clients. When items can be donated, we do that as well.

Doing a deceased estate clean up can uncover a treasure trove of lost items. The valuables we find may not always be of significant value but they may have an emotional personal value that is priceless. Our experience over the years has made us aware of not only the valuable asset items but also these personal items that provide unquantifiable emotional value.

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We Clear Everything

When we do a deceased house clearance we can get rid of everything. Furniture, mattresses, general rubbish, white goods and more. Before we take anything to the tip we sort everything into disposable categories and retrieve anything of personal value and anything that could be sold or donated to charity.

If you have a property that is more of a hoarding issue then we also specialise in hoarding cleaning services


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Preparation for A Deceased EState Property Sale, lease or rental

A thorough house clearance and cleaning can positively affect the sale of the property. It could add value and will make the property more attractive, easier and quicker to sell. You may also be thinking about leasing or renting the property.

Always tell us your plans for the property and we can create the right deceased estate house clearances package for your objective. For example, if you are going to renovate the property then the required attention to detail will be different than if your were going to sell the property.

Our house clearance and cleaning will leave the property ready for real estate photography, settlement or vacant possession.

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Thanks for a great job done. We didn’t know where to start and how to go about it. You came out, quoted and did exactly what you said with no fuss at all. This was a hard job and my parents had been hoarders for 40 years before they passed away and the entire house was full. You cleaned it out and we sold it soon after for a much higher price than originally quoted by real estate agents before the cleanup.



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