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Cleaning a Hoarding Home can be a challenge. Our variety of services cover small and large rubbish removal projects. We are here to help.


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We understand the sensitive nature and need for privacy when dealing with hoarding homes. We use unmarked vehicles and logo free uniforms when dealing with hoarding cleaning jobs. Your neighbours will not see any advertising on vehicles or staff attending your property.

How can I get my family member to get rid of items?

We have 18 years experience dealing with people with hoarding. The important thing is to be patient and encouraging. Read our Do’s and Don’ts as a guide. We strongly advise you to seek professional assistance from specialist therapists. They can help you and your family member to start the process of decluttering.

We see best results when you have started the process before getting us onboard to remove items. We do not recommend you simply book us without family discussions before hand. Acting on you own can cause greater upset and create an atmosphere of mistrust. Do things together and move gradually without surprises.

How much does it cost?

Without information it is impossible to say. The cost is determined by the amount and type of disposable items. It is also determined by the distance to the nearest tip and the rates to dispose of the waste at the tip. Lastly the time it takes is also a factor and this can vary by the type of access to the property, the time it takes to load the trucks and the time it takes dealing with the hoarding situation.

The best thing is to get a free quote. As a family business we can assure you that the quote is prepared by someone who will be actually doing the job. This means that they are very accurate and you won’t have a heart attack when the final bill arrives!

Do you buy unwanted items off us?

Years ago we decided to never buy items from clients. We think it is in your best interest to get independent valuations of  of your items. You can then get the true market value. Buying valuables from client is a potential conflict of interest. 

Some companies do buy from customers and actively promote it. Your safest solution is to get independent valuations and sell independently too. If you feel pressured into selling just say no and leave it at that.

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Happy Customers

“Thanks for a great job done. We didn’t know where to start and how to go about it. You came out, quoted and did exactly what you said with no fuss at all. This was a hard job and my parents had been hoarders for 40 years before they passed away and the entire house was full. You cleaned it out and we sold it soon after for a much higher price than originally quoted by real estate agents before the cleanup.”


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