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When rooms and corridors, the garage, or in extreme circumstances, the entire property is overflowing with objects, then it is time to declutter and dispose of what is no longer needed.

Paper or boxes of old and damaged items can be the source of much of the trouble. We look over the items and categorise them as potentially disposable or non-disposable. We operate with dignity and in a discreet manner. We make certain that valuable objects are properly organised so that they are not thrown away and lost forever.

We are experts in this industry and have a proven track record of assisting with property reorganisation and decluttering. Please contact us at any time if you need assistance getting started. The trick is to get started.

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Hoarding is not always a psychological disorder. People end up hoarding for a variety of reasons. Elderly, disability, property access, distance to waste tip, and a lack of adequate transportation can make disposing of waste – particularly large things – quite difficult. A long, steep driveway can make it difficult to get rid of simple rubbish for council collection. Bulky heavy items will be nearly impossible without help.  It’s also difficult if the local tip is 50 kilometres away. If you are a senior, this could be a significant problem.

There are times when hoarding becomes a major issue. People may suffer distress while attempting to get rid of stuff, that could result in an excessive collection of items. This could also eventually take over living space and create plenty of issues. All our clients are treated with respect, patience, and compassion under our policy.

We do not lecture or pass judgement. Instead, we strive to collaborate with the client to declutter the house as painlessly as possible. Our 18 years of expertise dealing with hoarding means we are well-versed in virtually every type of scenario. We approach each case on an unique basis. 

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Risks Of Hoarding

Depending on the extent of the collected clutter, the hazards can be severe.

  • Unsanitary circumstances are a health risk.
  • Overload of flammable materials, restricted exits provide a fire hazard.
  • Falling over things pose a risk of harm.
  • Possibility of becoming entrapped by falling objects
  • Isolation and social isolation
  • Eviction
  • Family squabbles

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OUR Hoarder Cleaning SERVICE

Our knowledgeable staff treats you with respect and sensitivity while remaining completely unobtrusive. Your privacy is protected by our unmarked vehicles. Hoarding is a sensitive issue and so we would never give advice that we are not qualified to provide.

With our rapid, efficient hoarder cleaning service, we are there to tidy the property in the simplest and quickest way possible. We’ve seen just about every type of untidy home, so nothing surprises us. We work with empathy and care to get the greatest possible outcome.

We sort through all of the things before categorising them as disposable, types of disposable, and non-disposable. We generally come across valuable goods that may be sold, donated to charity, or are of personal meaning. 

As part of the Hoarder Cleaning Service we recycle as much as we can of the approved throwaway items and make every effort to keep landfill waste to a minimum. We responsibly dispose of all rubbish, and as part of our service, we can deliver the items you intend to give to charity.

Donating stuff to charity will help you rebuild your self-esteem and convert your cleanup activity into a positive experience.

Our hoarder cleaning staff can provide you with free advise and a no-obligation quote.

If you need a deceased estate cleaning service, we have a fully skilled crew in clearing, cleaning, and hunting for valuable objects. Just give us a call.


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We have an advise page where you can get information on websites that might help you with hoarding issues. From experience we have discovered that a hoarder cleaning service is not always the end of the matter. We have returned to several homes to repeat the process. We highly encourage you to get expert assistance and support to deal with any underlying causes for the hoarding behaviour.

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Thanks for a great job done. We didn’t know where to start and how to go about it. You came out, quoted and did exactly what you said with no fuss at all. This was a hard job and my parents had been hoarders for 40 years before they passed away and the entire house was full. You cleaned it out and we sold it soon after for a much higher price than originally quoted by real estate agents before the cleanup.



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