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We take what a Northern Beaches Council Clean Up Won’t – no fuss

Hazardous waste that requires special disposal arrangements like asbestos is not included in standard service. Please advise us of any hazardous waste you have.

Affordable Rubbish Removal Northern Beaches

  Manly – Brookvale – Dee Why – Colleroy-Narrabeen – Mona Vale- Newport – Avalon – Palm Beach

Chatswood – Lindfield – St Ives- Terry Hills – Cromer – Lane Cove – Epping……

If you have junk or bulky items to get rid of that is on the prohibited list of the Northern Beaches Council Cleanup policy then we can dispose of these items for you. We simply come to your property and load your junk onto our trucks for an affordable fixed price. Nothing more to pay. No hidden extras. Trusted by hundreds of returning customers

If you haven’t had time to search through the items we can and regularly discover “lost” items of value. Our experienced team knows where to look and what to look for. We have done it so many times!

We are discreet, professional, fast and customer satisfaction is our priority. Our vast experience over the years gives us the knowledge and experience on how to deal with all types of rubbish effectively and efficiently.

As part of our commitment to environmental issues, we sort your rubbish into the correct recycle categories to dispose of the waste in the most effective way and limit the amount sent to landfills.

If you have a property that has become out of control with the number of acquired items then we have a specialised Northern Beaches hoarding cleanup team to help clear as much as we can. We are also specialists in clearing and cleaning deceased estate property across the Northern Beaches.

The local Northern Beaches Council landfill site is Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre and it processes 75% of Northern Beaches waste.


Rubbish Removal Sydney

No Costly Ugly Skips

  • Don’t waste $200 a day
  • You do a lot of work
  • Don’t annoy the neighbours
  • Risk of Rubbish Tipping by strangers
  • A badly packed skip wastes your money
Rubbish Removal Northern Beaches

Our Rubbish Removal Northern Beaches Service

  • Same Day Collect and Dispose of your rubbish in our trucks
  • We do all the work for you!
  • Discreet, trusted, fast rubbish removal
  • No risk of Rubbish Tipping
  • A fixed price for the whole job
  • We Recycle
  • Bulky Items
  • Search rubbish for valuables
  • No mess left behind.

We always advise you tell us the type of rubbish you have and how much you have so we can get the right team and required transport to the property.

Northern Beaches Council Clean Up Collections


After the creation of the Northern Beaches Council, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater Council clean ups were standardised to 2 anytime bookable services a year. The service is now termed a Bulky Goods Collection and is only available to mainland residents that pay a domestic waste service charge. Off shore residents have 2 designated dates a year for these services.

Council Clean Ups are great but limited to a maximum 3 cubic metres, similar to a small box trailer. They don’t take everything and so you will still need to dispose of the unacceptable items in your junk yourself.

You also still have to do all the hard work of getting the junk to the pickup point. This can be physically impossible for some and extremely time-consuming.

We can take everything and do all the hard work!!

Council’s Unacceptable Items that we will dispose of for you.

  • Items over 1.8m long
  • Heavy items that can’t be safely moved by two people
  • Liquid or business waste
  • E-waste, specifically TVs, computers
  • Car parts, tyres, oils
  • Sheet glass, mirrors, windows, glass tables
  • Building material, including insulation, brick, rubble, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, asbestos
  • Hazardous Waste, including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, chemicals, paint, car batteries
  • Vegetation, recyclable material, household garbage
  • Polystyrene beads, put these in a strong plastic bag, expel the air and seal.  Place the bag in the red lidded bin
  • Small items like knives, forks and spoons. (Nothing smaller than a toaster)


They will take the following if they do not exceed the above conditions:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses and bed bases
  • Non-recyclable household items
  • Up to 12 fence palings
  • Rolled and tied up carpets up to 1.8m long (max 3 rolls)
  • Empty hot water systems
  • Whitegoods – with doors removed
  • Up to three sheets of metal roofing – maximum size 1m x 1.5m
  • Metal 
  • Empty beanbags. Put the polystyrene beads in a strong plastic bag, expel the air, seal and place in the red lidded bin
  • Small items (must be larger than a toaster) should be placed out in unwanted bins/crates/boxes or neatly stacked for collection. Crates/tubs placed out cannot be returned. 

Our Client Care Promise

  • Our mission is to give our clients the best-value rubbish removal service in Sydney
  • We offer top-notch service at a competitive price.
  • Each job is treated with equal dedication.
  • At the end of the day, we want client satisfaction and to create happy loyal customers.
  • When you are getting a fast, friendly, and reliable service, then we are happy.
  • Complete customer confidentiality.
  • Experienced staff all police checked.
  • We search all rubbish for items of value.

 Rubbish Removal Northern Beaches FAQs

Do you buy unwanted items off us?

The simple answer is no. It is far better you get independent valuations of of your items and get the true market value. You want to be careful that some companies don’t try and force you to sell items to them. You can be selling your valuable items way below market value. Some offer offsetting fees against your items too. We believe this is a conflict of interest and so we NEVER buy items from you.

Can I get a free rubbish removal quote?
Definitely. As a family run business with over 18 year industry experience we provide accurate quotes. What’s more the person providing the quote actually works on the job and so knows how to quote accurately. Whatever the situation, whatever the type and amount of rubbish we will quote you free of charge.
Do you use Skips?
We don’t because they invariably work out more expensive. We load all rubbish by hand directly onto our trucks on the day. This means we can sort the rubbish effectively which makes it easier and faster to dispose of. That keeps are charges as low as possible as we don’t waste time at the tip. It also means we recycle more efficiently.

Skips also run the risk of having other peoples rubbish dumped in them. That costs you money.

Do you need us to separate recycle items?

It’s not necessary as we sort organise and arrange the rubbish as we load it on to our trucks.

Do you take items that Northern Beaches Council refuse to take?
Yes we do. Larger items, heavier items and items on the excluded list. The only problem arises with dangerous items and asbestos. Items that require specialised clothing and removal equipment is not part of our standard service. If you have such items you need to tell us and we can arrange specialist removal.
Do you take rubbish if we have difficult property access?
Yes we do. In 18 years we have pretty much seen every type of property access on the Northern Beaches. The only issue is it might take us longer but where there is the will there is a way.  We can’t help much if you live off shore though.

Rubbish Removal Northern Beaches Services

Our team like to think we offer the best, most trusted and friendly rubbish removal service there is. Our experience has shown us that removing rubbish is normally at a stressful time in our customer’s life, be it a family bereavement, selling or moving home, the result of a hoarding issue and more.

We take the utmost care in dealing with our customers and fully respect their wishes. Not all rubbish removal is a simple process. If we are aware of all your potential problems then we can make a plan to solve them

Please let us know of any concerns you have and we will do more than our best to solve your problems.

Rubbish Removal Northern Beaches without the work!

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